20 November 2021

Image of One Kind Word - it's ok to be 'oddish'!

All our children and staff have been celebrating 'One Kind Word' week (part of Anti-bullying Week).

We started the week with an 'Odd Socks Day' when children and staff came to school wearing odd socks (it had to be Tuesday as well so we could wear the other socks!)

The message was that it is ok to be a little odd in a good way. We all have something different, unique, special and maybe unusual about ourselves. These things should be celebrated by ourselves and others, not used against us. Many children around the school completed odd socks writing telling us what was unique and wonderful about themselves.

Our Year 6 (Phoenix class) children then watched a story read by reading champion teacher Jo Cummins called 'The Bloom' by Anne Booth about the power of words. Click here for the story:   The Bloom

The children then devised and produced very powerful leaflets about the power of words to heal and grow or hurt and destroy (which were then displayed at the back of our hall for all the other children in school to read)

We will be continuing to support our children as they complete their pupil questionnaires next week and the Pupil Parliament will look at the results so we can work together on helping our wonderful pupils have a brilliant time in their learning and relationships at Seven Stars.

Well done to all the children and staff for launching our 'One Kind Word' initiative this week and we will ensure we carry on the good work to become a 'One Kind Word' school where our values of respect, tolerance and kindness shine through.

Posted by Mike Mitchell