Name Role Other Roles & Responsibilities    
Mr Mitchell Headteacher Strategic Leadership/ Assessment,  additional DSP (safeguarding), RE, Health & Safety, Governor, Senior Leadership Team    


Mrs Walsh Deputy Headteacher  SENDCo, Curriculum Lead, Remote Learning Lead, History/Geography, Mental Health Strategy Lead, Trainee and NQT mentor, additional DSP (safeguarding), Senior Leadership Team    
Mr Buchanan Senior Teacher Y5 (Leo) Teacher Key Stage 2 Lead, Behaviour & Attitudes Lead,  Maths, Senior Leadership Team, additional DSP (safeguarding)    
Mrs Hollinghurst Early Years Lead Nursery (Moons) Teacher EYFS Lead, Art, Senior Leadership Team    
Miss  Martin Y3 (Hercules) Teacher      
Mrs Dickinson Reception (Rockets) Teacher P E    
Mrs Warner   Y1 (Dorado) Teacher  Phonics / Computing    
Miss Charlton Y1 (Dorado) Teacher      
Miss Lemon Y2 (Orion) Teacher Key Stage 1 Lead, PSHE / SMSC / RSHE / Healthy Schools, Senior Leadership Team, trainee mentor    
Miss Wheatland Y4 (Pegasus) Teacher Science, DT, Outdoor Curriculum Lead    
Mr Stott Y4 (Pegasus) Teacher Music & KS2 choir    
Miss Unsworth* Y6 (Phoenix) Teacher  English / Library    
Miss Fletcher Spanish teacher MFL (Spanish) & Y2 Spanish club    

Teaching Assistants

Nursery Moons Mrs J Whiteside       Ms H Murphy (EYFS)    
Reception Reception Miss Ainsworth       Ms J Coombe     Ms H Murphy (EYFS)     Miss A Salmon    
Year 1 Dorado Miss A Salmon          Ms L Moore         Miss J Gardner    
Year 2 Orion Mrs S Draper            Mrs N Stewart           
Year 3 Hercules Mrs B Cann               Miss H Fletcher    
Year 4 Pegasus Mrs L Bretherton        Miss L Blundell     
Year 5 Leo Mrs J Godsland             Miss A Dutton              
Year 6 Phoenix Miss N Hickson           Mrs L Lowther                   

Pastoral Team

Mrs D Wright Family Support Manager Support & Advice for families / Safeguarding DSL / Out of School Clubs / Senior Leadership Team    
Miss S Moor Inclusion Support Mentor Mental Health Champion / Nurture /  Pupil support / Attendance / additional DSP safeguarding    

Mid-day Supervisors

Mrs A Stafford            Mrs L Parr          Mrs H Lundie         Ms P Stafford        

Administration Team

Mrs J Pullin School Business Manager Admin Management,  Finance, Human Resources, Health &Safety, Admissions & Single Central Record.    
Ms Dennett Business Support Officer(mornings) Reception & General Administration, School Dinners ,Newsletter    
Mrs Holme Business Support Officer(afternoons) Reception & General Administration, After School Club bookings, Star of the Week    

Site Staff

Name Role Responsibilities    
Mrs I  Salmon Site Supervisor Opening/Closing Cleaning    
Mr C Walsh Handyman Repairs General Maintenance    
Breakfast Club    
Miss K Ainsworth          Mrs B Cann             Mrs D Wright    

After School Club

Mrs S Allen                   Miss K Ainsworth            Miss J Gardner            Mrs B Cann