Name Role Other Roles & Responsibilities    
Mr Mitchell Headteacher Strategic Leadership/ Assessment ,Child Protection (DSL with DSP team),  RE, Health & Safety, Governor, Senior Leadership Team    


Mrs Walsh Deputy Headteacher Y3 (Hercules) Teacher SENDCo, Curriculum Lead, Remote Learning Lead, History/Geography, Mental Health Strategy Lead, Support Staff appraiser, Trainee and NQT mentor, additional DSP (safeguarding), Senior Leadership Team    
Mr Buchanan Senior Teacher Y5 (Leo) Teacher Key Stage 2 Lead, Behaviour & Attitudes Lead,  Maths,  additional DSP (safeguarding), Senior Leadership Team    
Mrs Hollinghurst Early Years Lead Nursery (Moons) Teacher EYFS & Parent/toddler Lead, Art/Music, Senior Leadership Team, Trainee mentor    
Miss  Martin Y3 (Hercules) Teacher      
Miss Thomson Reception (Rockets) Teacher P E    
Mrs Warner   Y1 (Dorado) Teacher  Phonics / Computing    
Miss Charlton Y1 (Dorado) Teacher      
Miss Lemon Y2 (Orion) Teacher Key Stage 1 Lead, PSHE / SMSC / RSE / Healthy Schools, Senior Leadership Team, trainee mentor    
Miss Wheatland Y4 (Pegasus) Teacher Science, DT, Outdoor Curriculum Lead    
Mr Stott Y4 (Pegasus) Teacher Music & KS2 choir    
Miss Unsworth* Y6 (Phoenix) Teacher  English / Library    
Miss Fletcher Spanish teacher MFL (Spanish) & Y2 Spanish club    

Teaching Assistants

Nursery Moons Mrs J Whiteside       Ms H Murphy (EYFS)    
Reception Reception Mrs J Gardner          Miss AInsworth       Ms J Coombe     Ms H Murphy (EYFS)    
Year 1 Dorado Miss A Salmon          Ms L Moore         Ms A McGarry    
Year 2 Orion Mrs S Draper            Mrs N Stewart           
Year 3 Hercules Mrs B Cann               Miss H Fletcher    
Year 4 Pegasus Mrs L Bretherton        Miss L Blundell     
Year 5 Leo Mrs J Jones             Miss A Dutton            Mrs Ashcroft    
Year 6 Phoenix Miss N Hickson           Mrs L Lowther                Miss M Radz    

Pastoral Team

Mrs D Wright Family Support Manager Support & Advice for families / Safeguarding DSL / Out of School Clubs / Senior Leadership Team    
Miss S Moor Inclusion Support Mentor Mental Health Champion / Nurture /  Pupil support / Attendance / additional DSP safeguarding    

Mid-day Supervisors

Mrs A Stafford            Mrs L Parr          Mrs H Lundie         Miss E Whittle-Emery      Ms P Stafford        

Administration Team

Mrs J Pullin School Business Manager Admin Management,  Finance, Human Resources, Health &Safety, Admissions & Single Central Record.    
Ms Dennett Business Support Officer(mornings) Reception & General Administration, School Dinners ,Newsletter    
Mrs Holme Business Support Officer(afternoons) Reception & General Administration, After School Club bookings, Star of the Week    

Site Staff

Name Role Responsibilities    
Mrs I  Salmon Site Supervisor Opening/Closing Cleaning    
Mr C Walsh Handyman Repairs General Maintenance    
Breakfast Club    
Miss K AInsworth          Mrs B Cann             Mrs J Jones     

After School Club

Mrs S Allen                   Miss K Ainsworth            Miss J Gardner            Mrs B Cann