Countersigning Passport Applications


School is often asked to countersign passport applications for children on roll at school. 


In the majority of cases it will be the Head teacher or Deputy Head who will countersign any application or will give authority to any other teacher in the school to countersign an application.


When countersigning a passport application, we are confirming that

  1. we have known the parent who signed the form (not the child) for at least 2 years
  2. the parent is who you say you are
  3. everything in the form is true as far as we know


The person countersigning the application will need to hold a current UK passport

We will write the following on the back of one photo:

‘I certify that this is a true likeness of [title and full name of adult or child who is getting the passport].’

We will add our signature and the date under the statement.

Please be aware it is a criminal offence to make a false declaration on a passport application and school reserve the right to not countersign a passport application if we are either too busy or not sure about any information supplied on the form.