Target Strategies Timescale Responsibility Success Criteria
To narrow the gaps between disadvantaged children and other children across school. Pupil progress meetings and monitored interventions. Termly pupil progress meetings.
Year on year improvement targets.
SLT & SENDCo Narrowed gap between cohorts
To narrow the gap in participation in sporting events and all other activities for physically challenged pupils (including SEN) and other pupils. KS2 Inclusion events As events occur and by end of July 2021 (limited by COVID-19) SENDCo & Sports Leaders Pupils and/or parents feel supported and included  in all events and confidence of physically challenged pupils grows
To promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through a cross-curricular Learning Journeys based approach with particular reference to issues of equality and diversity. Curriculum ensures diversity is celebrated of faith and culture. Throughout the year and monitored by July 2021 RE and other subject leaders and HT. Increased awareness and celebration of diversity throughout the school.

Public Sector Equality