Welcome everyone to Seven Stars School   'Where children come first',

Seven Stars is a wonderful place to learn and our ambition is to open doors for all our children into an amazing life of learning, a growing confidence in themselves and a curiosity about the world around them.

Our hope is that they will REACH for the stars in their journey through school and beyond. We work hard to build our children's Relationships, Engagement, Achievement, Confidence and Hope and over the year we will be encouraging our children to develop our Seven Stars 4 Learning Powers that will help them achieve the best possible outcomes in all subjects across the school.

See the document below to find out a bit more about our Seven Stars Learning Powers (which we will report to parents as partners on throughout the year): 

Learning Powers

The children at Seven Stars school are a delight, the families are very supportive partners in learning and the staff go above and beyond for every child in the school to reach the highest possible goals.

We have a big focus on embedding our Seven Stars 7 core values and a growth mind-set that enables all our children and staff to grow, learn and achieve their goals. This includes innovations such as our  OPAL playtimes. Click here to find out more: OPAL playtimes

You can read about our 7 Core Values in the document below


We work with other schools, professionals, volunteers, families and the wider community to seek the best for every pupil in our care.

Our 'Open Doors' curriculum is about opening doors for all our children into the exciting world of learning (see our Curriculum page for more details  Open Doors at Seven Stars)  

Our Open Doors Curriculum

The best thing about Seven Stars is that every child has a smile on their face as they come in to school and it stays there all day.

If you would like to look around get in touch for a visit and see what amazing things are going on.

Mike Mitchell