History Mission Statement

At Seven Stars, we aim to provide a high quality History curriculum that inspires in our children a curiosity and fascination with the past. Learning starts in the Early Years and Key Stage One with family history, the local area and key historical people and dates such as The Great Fire of London, The Gunpowder Plot and Remembrance Day. Teaching through our termly Learning Journeys, we seek to equip pupils with a secure understanding of chronology.  By studying British History in sequence from the Stone Age to

Vikings & Anglo-Saxons, looking at how Britain influenced and has been influenced by the wider world, we develop historical enquiry skills alongside historical knowledge. Children learn about significant people and events in history and ancient civilisations, seeing where these lie in relation to the wider timeline of history.   

We want our children to be able to ask and answer questions, making connections between learning in other subjects to broaden and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the world. We strive to provide exciting, enjoyable learning in History that, alongside the rest of our curriculum, opens doors to knowledge and skills, the world, health, creativity and language.