15 December 2023

Image of New build arrangements January 2024

Arrangements from 16th January 2024

New Build Project


As you are aware, the temporary classrooms are almost up and ready to use.

The Shawbrook building (where Galaxy, Apollo, Moons, Rockets and After School Club currently are based) will continue to operate as usual until Thursday 11th January 2024

We will then have two INSET days on Friday 12th January and Monday 15th January (for moving everything across and getting classes sorted) and new arrangements will be in place from 16th January.

Any children moving classes will get a chance to visit the classes before the official moving date so they can get familiar with the rooms (when the rooms are ready and safe to visit)

The arrangements for classes are:

  • Nursery (Moons) will move into the current Year 5 (Leo class)
  • Reception (Rockets) will move into the current Learning Pod / IT Suite (next door to the Year 5 class so our Early Years Department can continue to operate as a unit)
  • Year 5 (Leo Class) will move into the first temporary classroom on the left as you enter the school grounds.
  • Galaxy class will move into the middle temporary classroom
  • Apollo class will move into the right hand temporary classroom

(Galaxy and Apollo class will be adjoining so they can operate as a Unit as they do at the moment)

  • After-School Club will move into the current staffroom 

All other classes will remain in their current class bases

From 16th January the main playground will be closed so the only access will be through the pedestrian gate onto the back playground.

This will mean more adults on the back playground from the 16th January 2024 but we will communicate further about the arrangements for managing the start and end of the day before the 11th January (and arrangements for the Breakfast and After-School Club)

Many thanks for your understanding and support as we prepare for our big move in January and our even bigger move into our brand new school in just under two years time.