11 September 2021

It was such a privilege taking the Year 6 children to their start of the year residential at Hothersall Lodge.

Their behaviour was exemplary and all the instructors and staff at the centre said how polite and respectful they all were.

They cared for each other, supported each other, encouraged each other and worked as a team to achieve great things while they were away.

Whether it was making their own bed, clearing the tables after lunch or learning to canoe they did it all to the best of their ability.

It was such a joy to see them get better and better at the activities they did overcoming fears to climb some very tall trees and cross high wires, get out on the water in canoes and jump into the muddy pond, get nearer the target in archery, improve their map-reading skills in orienteering and work as a team in the team challenge activities.

They demonstrated so many of our school values and in particular resilience which they showed in abundance.

We are so proud of every child and very grateful to Hothersall Lodge and to the members of Seven Stars staff who sacrificed time with their own families to support the children in making memories that will never fade.

Well done Phoenix class - you are officially amazing and now you know you can achieve ANYTHING! 

(Photos will be available very soon so you can see for yourself the joy, the mud, the smiles and the achievements)