Reward Systems

Whilst the majority of our pupils have a natural innate desire to do the right thing, achieve their full potential and respect themselves and others we still like to reward their positive behaviours and shout about the brilliant things they are doing and achieving.

  • Star of the Week: linked to EFFORT in the particular curriculum focus of the week or Home Learning
  • WOW of the Week: for children spotted doing something in school that we think is ‘wow!’
  • Value Inspired Person: those children who have demonstrated one of our school values School Values
  • We also award house-points and effort stickers to children for excellent work in class
  • Our highest award is our half-termly ’Shining Star’ award (a party is given for those children who achieve this reward)
  • On a daily basis we have introduced 'Positive Planets' into every class by which children can earn points for effort in class (and in Year 6 they have a special motivation of a choice of chilling out in their very own 'Common Room' / ICT suite time or time outside in active play)
  • See our Behaviour support page for further details about how we motivate our brilliant children to become everything they aspire to be Behaviour Systems